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> Is anybody/everybody else also missing "tempfile". Try to run bzdiff or
> about 30+ other apps that use it. I am just starting to investigate if it
> is my screw-up or some package didn't Do Right (TM). I grepped the text
> version of LFS cvs 20020918 and BLFS cvs 20020913 and tempfile is not
> listed as being installed in any of those.

I had a little time to do some investigation.  It looks like "tempfile" is a
Debian utility, installed by the debutils package
(  The source for
the package is at
What to do about this, I really don't know.  One would think that the bzip2
package would mention this as a dependency, but it doesn't.  One other
package that uses tempfile in a script (bashbug, if I recall) actually
checks for existence of mktemp or tempfile.  (LFS, by the way, does not
include mktemp OR tempfile.)  mktemp is available from


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