i18n / nls support optional?

Jeremy Herbison herbie at NOSPAMautobotcity.net
Fri Sep 20 17:43:36 PDT 2002

The nls support is semi-implied during the build of LFS, since we by default
install all the locales and gettext, and dont do any --disable-nls in
chapter 6. I am interested in doing an install without any i18n support at
all to reduce bloat, and I think a lot of book readers would as well.

What is required for this? So far I have ...
1) Built certain packages (gawk, vim etc.) with --disable-nls
2) Skipped the gettext install

Is this right? should i skip the glibc locale instalation altogether or just
localedef en_US?
how can i disable i18n from the glibc install completely? it still makes
stuff in /usr/share.
and finally is it safe to skip gettext?

Again, i think this should be discussed in the opening chapters with these
simple tips, hence the post to LFS-dev.


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