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Some more. As usual watch out for goofs by me. Patch attached.

II. Part II - Installing the LFS system

Chapter 3:

  Remove unneeded words from:
    Below follows a list of all the packages that you will need to
    download in order to build a basic ...
    Below is a list of packages you need to download for building a
    basic ...

  Get preposition off end of sentence from:
    ... work and which this book is based upon.
    ... work, and this book is based upon them.

Chapter 4:
Creating a new partition:
  Change improper capitalization from:
    If a Linux Native partition is...
    If a Linux native partition is

  Eliminate ending preposition by change from:
    ... may be stored until they are called for.
    ... may be stored until needed by the system.

  Change improper capitalization from:
    Using this program, create a Linux Native partition.
    Using this program, create a Linux native partition.

Chapter 5:
Install all software as an unprivileged user:

  Change wording from:
    ... having $LC_ALL set to something else than "C" or "POSIX" ...
    ... having $LC_ALL set to something other than "C" or "POSIX" ...

Installation of Bash:
  Command explanations:
    Change wording from:
      ... these commands are copy&pasted on the shell,
      ... these commands are copied & pasted in the shell,

Installation of Binutils:
  Command explanations:
    Correct tense of verb from:
      ... --disable-nls: This option disabled internationalization ...
      ... --disable-nls: This option disables internationalization ...
    Add commas from:
      to assemble the output of the GNU C compiler gcc
      to assemble the output of the GNU C compiler, gcc,

    Eliminate redundancy by chaning from:
      ... for each of the object files objfile in its argument ...
      ... for each of the object files in its argument ...

    Correct inappropriate (?) use of semi-colon from:
      ... sections of object files; for other types of files, it ...
      ... sections of object files. For other types of files, it ...

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