Prerequisite skills?

Greg Schafer gschafer at
Sun Sep 22 23:19:02 PDT 2002


Not wishing to fan any flamewars, but thinking about the recent threads
re raising the bar. Rather than just referring people to the howto (which
is still a good idea), how about recommending a list of prerequisite skills
before attempting to build LFS ?

Something like:-

 * must know how to unpack a tarball

 * must know how to apply a patch

 * must have experience of downloading, compiling and installing a package

 * must have configured, compiled and installed own kernel

you get the idea.

It could go into the "Who would (not) want to read this book" section.
"If you don't have all the above skills, you are going to do it tough and
we recommend you learn a bit more about these skills before attempting to
build LFS"

Just a thought...

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