More in-depth grammar - cvs 20020922

Antony Stone Antony at
Mon Sep 23 00:35:56 PDT 2002

On Monday 23 September 2002 6:12 am, Bill Maltby LFS Related wrote:

> II. Part II - Installing the LFS system
> Chapter 3:
> Introduction:
>   Get preposition off end of sentence from:
>     ... work and which this book is based upon.
>   To:
>     ... work, and this book is based upon them.

Wouldn't this be better ?

    ... work, and upon which this book is based.

> Chapter 4:
> Creating a new partition:
>   Change improper capitalization from:
>     If a Linux Native partition is...
>   To:
>     If a Linux native partition is

Actually I think the original capitalisation is more appropriate, because it 
emphasises not only that the partition type needs to be Linux, but that it 
needs to be Linux Native (vs eg Linux Swap, Linux LVM, Linux auto-raid...)

>   Change improper capitalization from:
>     Using this program, create a Linux Native partition.
>   To:
>     Using this program, create a Linux native partition.


Just my 2c.....



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