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Mon Sep 23 14:07:31 PDT 2002

I *love* it! But think of the follow-ons that are *implied*! See below

On Mon, 23 Sep 2002, Matthias Benkmann wrote:
> Here's another idea how to reduce redundancy on lfs-support:
> 1. Remove all references to the direct subscribe/unsubscribe commands from
> web site and book

The mailer handle needs to modified to either /dev/null or bounce any
poster who is not in the database of "certified qualified noob".
Otherwise, the point/effectiveness of the test is?  :-)

> 2. provide a web form for subscription that is tied to a quiz with
> questions like this (that must all be answered correctly):

As an adjunct to that, when questions are incorrectly answered, the of-
fender would be automatically routed to a "pop-up ad" intensive site (not 
related to LFS) that offers a myriad of urls pointing to other sites/lists 
that contain many users of similar ilk.

> Question 1) If a build fails with an error message, you should
> a) immediately ask on lfs-support
> b) check the FAQ
> c) wipe the source tree and try everything again carefully making sure the
> failure is not caused by a typo
> d) repartition the kernel VM block layer


> e) a and b
> f) b and c
> g) c and d
> h) all of the above
> i) none of the above
> Question 2) The command cp -a will
> a) crap all files on the network
> b) copy all files from the hard disk to floppy A:
> c) copy symlinks as symlinks
> d) copy directories as directories
> e) preserve permissions and ownership if possible
> f) all of the above
> g) b and c
> h) c, d and e
> Question 3) Suppose you don't know the answer to Question 2, what would
> you do?
> a) ask on lfs-support
> b) ask on lfs-dev
> a) info cp
> c) help cp
> d) manual cp
> e) man cp
> f) cp --help
> g) a or e or f
> h) a or b
> i) c or d

Now the *burning* question of the day: is the man *serious* or displaying
a seldom seen sense of humor?

I enjoyed it, regardless.


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