Improving S/N Ratio [Was: Re: subscription quiz]

Seth W. Klein sk at
Mon Sep 23 15:57:33 PDT 2002

Matthias Benkmann <matthias at> wrote:
> Here's another idea how to reduce redundancy on lfs-support:
> 1. Remove all references to the direct subscribe/unsubscribe commands from
> web site and book
> 2. provide a web form for subscription that is tied to a quiz with
> questions like this (that must all be answered correctly):
> <snip quiz>

*Grin* You've been in college too long ;)

Seriously, i have a couple things in the queue. If they prove practical,
i plan to roll them out in early October. Current ideas are:

1) Tailored partial FAQ posting. Since the FAQ redesign this summer,
   i can effortlessly generate documents containing only selected
   entries. This should allow me to monitor list traffic for FAQs
   and compile a weekly posting.

   This should help for two reasons. One, individual FAQs tend to
   experience periods of "popularity", if you will. One entry will
   come up twice a week for a month and then never for half a year.
   A weekly posting should stop these outbreaks early.

   Two, a weekly posting will increase the FAQ's visibility even
   though it contains only a small fraction of the FAQ itself.

   Since it will contain only things that have come up on the list
   to which it is posted, a tailored posting should be free of the
   size and redundancy complaints which killed my last attempt.

2) Kernel Traffic[1] style summaries. Fairly self explanitory if you're
   familiar with the Kernel Cousins. I'm thinking extremely brief
   summaries of threads that have a useful conclusion and are likely
   to resurface. Only for lfs-support, blfs-support, and maybe lfs-dev
   and, lest anyone misunderstand, put on the web, not posted.

I'll be running tests over the next couple weeks to see what i can
do without increasing my workload impractically. As usual, i welcome
comments and suggestions.

Seth W. Klein

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