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Chris Lingard chris at
Tue Sep 24 07:49:28 PDT 2002

Matthias Benkmann wrote:

> Here's another idea how to reduce redundancy on lfs-support:
> 1. Remove all references to the direct subscribe/unsubscribe
> commands from web site and book
> 2. provide a web form for subscription that is tied to a quiz with
> questions like this (that must all be answered correctly):

I do not think this will work.  I have done some teaching and I
prefer students who know nothing, to those who think that they
know.  I do not mind if they are stupid too; you just have to
keep telling them.

I think all this started with people asking questions and having
"attitude".  That may be slang, I mean those students that argue
and waste the classes time.  These students who think that they
know the subject; and must stopped.

Your quiz will attract those who half know the subject. I know
many UNIX programmers who would fail that sort of test, and
would be rejected.

I think everyone should be allowed at least one dumb question.
But perhaps we should have some guidance as to how to answer
questions.  For the standard questions that we have all answered
many times ---  grep, gawk, PATH,  ncurses, ....  should we
have a standard rubber-stamp answer; as we all have different
styles in replying.

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