In-depth chapter06 - grammar.

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Thu Sep 26 09:43:12 PDT 2002


I don't know how you guys keep your sanity. Between the different *rules*
you see from ripped text, styles, concious and unconcious violations of
rules by all concerned, I don't see how anybody manages to remember how
things are *supposed* to be done in *any* particular style or set of

It got so bad for me I began to wonder if it was all wasted effort (you
been there, done that?). Between ignoring rules because I knew there had
been a concious decision to do certain things certain ways, the different
grammatical rules from different nationalities in ripped text, the many
different styles and trying to *not* inject my own style too much, I began
to spend *inordinate* amounts of time on a one or two line phrase in
volving the placement of a single comma!

After awhile, everything looked both right and wrong. And every
subordinate clause became a fire-fight as to whether it should be
surrounded by commas or parenthesis or neither!

I think we should get Gereard to enlist the help of someone on the list
who is a professional to get a standard "style" established so that
amatuers like me can see and follow that style and have a strong sense of
what rules (grammatically speaking) should be consistently applied.

Well, anyway. Got through a lot of chapter 6. About 2K more lines to go.
It got large enough that I bzipped and attached the patch and my usual
running commentary. If anyone wants to help by looking at it, they can

Because of the aforementioned uncertainty I mentioned, I do encourage a
close look at these changes. This serves to remind me why I started trying
to help here in the first place - any sane person would avoid it like the

I won't be able to do more until tonight or tomorrow. Got to do some job
hunting to stay, as the say in one of my ancestors countries, "on the

Hope it all helps.

Bill Maltby
billm at
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