static bash-2.05b problems

Matthew Burgess ca9mbu at
Thu Sep 26 13:04:45 PDT 2002

"Jeroen Coumans" <jeroencoumans at> wrote

>>It works if you use 2.05a static or in chroot and install 2.05b in
>>chapter 6. However there are still problems with 2.05b (search the
>>mailinglist) and I'm not sure if the patches resolve them because I
>>haven't tried them yet.

Yeah, and then I actually read the thread just below this one (about bug
Visited bugzilla and saw that he'd used the patches (or at least that's what
infer from "using patched 2.05b" - or is this he applied the 2.05b patch to
2.05a source?).  Ah well, just have to wait a while then...not that I'd
notice the
difference anyway looking at the changelog...I just like being "bleeding



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