Prerequisite skills?

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Thu Sep 26 15:06:21 PDT 2002

On Mon, 23 Sep 2002 17:23:51 -0600, Nathan Ladd wrote:

> but ch6 didnt include
> every mind numbing command.

And lots of other great ideas in this thread.  But if the skill level is
forced up in this manner the number of questions on the support list will
increase.  I think, sharply.

In the OP of the thread started by Matthias on Sep 15.  He mentioned the
Software-Building-HOWTO.  I have not read through this but it was last
updated July 1999.  It may be getting a bit dated... (then again it may be
the shit) ...if dated, patches to the maintainer may induce him to update

I have re-written 2/3 of the second draft of a guide for the Absolute-Beginner.
 The aim is that a n00b who completes the guide will be at a level ready
to begin LFS.  It is not the only pot I am stirring so I can't give a
definite completion date.  I am also getting the local LUG members to
give it a going over before we publish it.  Hopefully it will be the kind
of resource that the LFS community will want to point folks who are not
yet quite ready for LFS.

I think, therefore, ken_i_m
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