Disabling fixincludes (was Re: Installing GCC-3.2 problem.)

Tushar Teredesai tush at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 28 14:07:55 PDT 2002

Chris Lingard wrote:

>Tushar Teredesai wrote:
>>Our resident gcc hackers - Greg/Kelledin's suggestion was to disable
>>running the fixincludes when compiling gcc (in Chapter 5 at the very
>This does not work, it is more compilicated.  I think Greg is discussing
>a solution
>gcc puts in the fixed headers, plus a some other essential files; so
>they will have to work out a way to retain the needed stuff.  If you
>dissable fixincludes then gcc does not work in chapter 6 :-(
Both of them submitted a patch that essentially did the same thing. It 
disables 'fixing' of files that don't belong to gcc. The essential files 
are still retained. `echo Greg | sed -e "s/g/p/"` reported that it 
passed an entire LFS build. Greg's patch is attached.

Tushar Teredesai
LFS ID: 1377

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