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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Sat Sep 28 14:30:56 PDT 2002

On September 26, 2002 01:49 am, Tyler Berry wrote:
> As a sometime developer, I have begun attempting to integrate a libltdl
> (libtool) powered dynamic module loader into my current baby, and
> discovered that there is an incompatibility between Autoconf 2.53 and up
> (I'm using 2.54) and Libtool 1.4.x. Specifically, the problem is in
> libtool.m4, where the m4 macro AC_PROVIDE_AC_LIBTOOL_... is used. This is
> deprecated in favor of AC_PROVIDE_ELSEIF.
> Attached is a patch for libtool which ought to be applied in Chapter 6 of
> the book if we don't want to be packaging a libtool that is subtly broken
> for developers.

I've uploaded the patch to

I've also added a note to Bugzilla to integrate this patch in the book after 
the release of LFS-4 (there's just not enough time to test it out and to make 
the change).

In the mean time we can test this patch to make sure it does the right thing 
and make sure it's actually needed (no offense Tyler, it's not that we don't 
trust you).

Gerard Beekmans

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