New buildscripts (v2.2.5)

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Tue Apr 1 20:49:05 PST 2003

Greetings again all,

Yet another update to the buildscripts ;-)

Some changes from last version (2.2.4) have been reverted, directory and
symlink creation again occurs as by the book.

Also the extra chown in ch6 has been removed as it was riding roughshod

Thanks for that Bill ;-)

The chroot at the end of the script has also been commented (as it always
used to be) If you want to run the scripts all in one go, uncomment and
edit if it doesn't suit your build tree...

Note that the seds there for CHSCRIPTS and CHLOGS now only remove 1 ${LFS}
from the existing SCRIPTS and LOGS...
Thanks nico

Also Florian Englehardt has provided some mods to the specfile/linux.h sed
edits to cater for --dynamic-linker being (ppc)

Some extra ${LFS}/bin symlinks have been added so the locate tests in
findutils ch6 dont break due to updatedb not finding reqd binaries.
(there may be some additions and ommissions here, will be fixed properly
next update )

Anyway, check the changelogs as per usual
Patches/Changes/Abuse all welcome ;-)

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