Pure LFS hint v.1.0: About gcc-2.95.3

Vladimir Ogay hsitef at pisem.net
Wed Apr 2 08:20:16 PST 2003

Hi, guys!

The purpose of Pure LFS hint is "build a fully "self contained" and
"self hosting" toolchain that has no dependencies on the host
system" (c) by Greg Schafer or/and Ryan Oliver. ;-)

According with this hint the gcc-3.2.2 is compiled twice in the
chapter 5 and once in the chapter 6. However, gcc-2.95.3 (used for
kernel compilation) is compiled only once!

This gcc version may be useful later, not only for kernel compilation.
E.g. alsa-driver installs as kernel modules, and it needs gcc, which used
for standard kernel modules compilation.

In my humble opinion, gcc-2.95.3 needs to be compiled twice (at the
least) for build a fully "self-contained" and "self-hosting" gcc.

What do you think about it?

Best regards,
 Vladimir                          mailto:ovrdan at inbox.ru

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