Glib-3.2.1 error using Pure LFS

Michael Villeza mvvilleza at
Wed Apr 2 18:43:31 PST 2003

Hi all, 

I'm following Pure LFS. Everything was fine until Chapter 5 - Installing glibc. I followed the commands: 

   mkdir -p /stage1/etc &&
    touch /stage1/etc/ &&
    mkdir ../glibc-build &&
    cd ../glibc-build &&
    CFLAGS="-O2 -pipe" ../glibc-2*/configure --prefix=/stage1 \
       --enable-add-ons --disable-profile \
       --with-binutils=/stage1/bin --with-headers=/stage1/include \
       --without-gd &&

configure stops with error message ***These critical programs are missing or too old*** 

I noticed during configure that it checked the versions for gcc and make, my gcc is 3.2.1 while my make is 3.78.1. I already installed make-3.80 as an lfs user, but glibc configure still sees make 3.78.1. But if I run make -v, it's already make-3.80 although the host system is still make-3.78.1.

I'm using a P133 32 MB CPU, Red Hat Linux 6.2. I'm using version * 1.0 2003-03-21 Initial revision of Pure LFS. 


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