Anyone went through dependacies for coreutils???

DJ Lucas dj_me at
Fri Apr 4 10:22:16 PST 2003

Anyone using coreutils yet?

Reason why I'm asking is specifically for build order...

>From the cvs book...
Installing Textutils-2.1
Installing Sed-4.0.5
Installing Flex-2.5.4a
Installing Binutils-2.13.2
Installing Fileutils-4.1
Installing Sh-utils-2.0

Textutils is built before Sed, Flex, and Binutils, then Fileutils and
Sh-utils.  I was wondering if anyone knows why that specific build
order.  Flex is not built in Chapter 5, sed and binutils are.  Flex is
not listed as a dependacy for building Fileutils or Sh-utils, but do
these packages place any hard coded references to executables or libs
that are part of binutils or sed?  Currently, I've set instructions up
to build coreutils twice just to CMA, but I'm thinking it's not
necessary.  Has anyone been through this and verified?  If not, how
would one go about checking this?  I was thinking of a list of files
(taken from the Textutils and Sh-utils lists) and greping both ldd's
output, and the files themselves, for the binaries and libs that are
part of binutils (what are the lib files, is there already a list
availible?) , and also for sed.  Assuming there are no references with
the old static paths, place the coreutils install in place of textutils,
and then smoke the sh-utils and fileutils sections.  Is this the
proper/sufficient test case?  Doing too much work?  Not enough?

Thanks for any answers,


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