Bug updates

James Iwanek chthon at chthon-uk.com
Sun Apr 6 16:21:18 PDT 2003

Greg Schafer wrote:

> Get real! Zack knows more about that stuff than I do. Once he makes the
> changes then we can re-evaluate. For now, the current patch stays.

zack has already said that the test will be ripped out. fair enough if you
want to wait to see what he does, i was only making a suggestion.

> Greg
> ps - do you think you could show a bit of common netiquette and NOT quote
> the whole message when replying? You constantly do so and it is extremely
> annoying.

btw this is only my oppinion, but ive noticed that you generally will
explode every time that someone criticises you or differs in opinion, now i
dont know why you do (and frankly i dont care) but i suggest you go take a
cold shower next time you decide to rant at me or ian (or anyone else that
seems to get on your nerves)

btw: on your post "Offtopic Rubbish" (in reply to ian)
i think his sig is cool, besides he can have whatever sig he wants, if you
dont like it DONT READ IT.

and on point "c" in the same mail - he has only ever asked for information,
try to quash your over inflated arrogence.

on the ps: sometimes i do snip, sometimes i dont snip. others commit much
more henious "crimes" please just go pick on someone else.


ps: constructive criticism is welcome (from anyone, not just greg). but
flames are NOT welcome and will promptly be forwarded to /dev/null ;-).

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