Formal notice

Ian Molton spyro at
Sun Apr 6 21:37:59 PDT 2003


Sorry to post this, but it has to be done in the interests of not
wanting to have to explain a lot of things later. Followups to .chat -
the only reason I posted here is because I need to make sure a certain
person reads it.

It is hereby PUBLIC knowledge that I have informed 'Frank Gore' by
email, and now here as well, that any future posts from him that arrive
on my machine by either email, ICQ or any other method, will be
considered to have been made publicly, and I reserve the right to post
the contents of such on my website, or anywhere else I see fit.

Sorry, but I had to do that. The nature of Franks emails to me is far
too unpleasant. :-(

Again, followups to and NOT please. DONT just hit

Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons for you are tasty and good with
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