Okay let's get down to business again

tchiwam tchiwam at sgo.fi
Mon Apr 7 02:35:35 PDT 2003

> So, Jesse remains hosting the LFS server until new arangements can be made.
> This time I can be real quick for a change. The server is in its box and
> funds are secured to ship the server out to whomever. It's just a matter of
> calling UPS and have them pick it up. I'm also looking at options of
> colocating the server myself in Calgary or immediate vicinity. It'll make
> things more secure, _IF_ proper funding can be aranged. I'd like to be able
> to restore full services as we used to have (maybe with a reduced FTP
> service, or FTP on mirrors only and make the server a master rsync but not
> publically available). That means more bandwidth and increased costs which I
> can't pay out of my own pocket (if I were to do that, I could only guarantee
> a max. of about 6 months of uptime before I need to fall back on donations. I
> rather receive donations first so I'll have a comfortable buffer). Anyways
> that's a different matter which I'll discuss another time. My priority is
> getting LFS and the community up and running again with the resources we do
> have.

	Starting next month I am ready to pay a share of the costs, if LFS
is able to keep my rubbish around, Xcompiler notes, extra wierd arch notes
and other general Unix stuff, For example if we are 2 people, I would pay
half , if we are 3 I'll pay 1/3rd etc etc. And lets say Ill settle to a
minimum of 30Eur...
	Then there is going to be another bug from my side. If I pass
various tests next week I'll be going far and away around (76S 27W) in
July. If I am there my contribution should continue. but I can't monitor
payments while I am there, sat uplink is too expensive. I would be out of
there in mid 2005 ...

	Honestly Jesse's host seems to be proper and "cheap" ...

> Now that's all been said and done (let me say sorry one more time for good
> measure --- sorry! ;o) let's get down to business. Starting tomorrow I will
> be back with LFS full-time. I'll start catching up with all the mailinglist
> lists and deal with the immediate important outstanding issues, and
> bugzilla'ing the rest.

Can you explain to me why are you sorry ? I didn't get that point yet =)


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