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> On 06.04.2003 at 22:31 Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> >On April 6, 2003 09:50 pm, Seth W.Klein wrote:
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> >And that's the sole reason I did not include the FAQ on the CD.

Thank you :)

> when having a internet connection, wouldn't someome be reading the book 
> online than ? and not buying the book at all ?

No, surprisingly. And if they are, they can't post questions to the
lists and so it shouldn't matter that they can't read the FAQ. There
_should_ be nothing in the FAQ that is needed to finish the book.

Also, some entries in the FAQ are pointers to resources on the net.

> so whoever buys the book , does not like ( can't) read the book online ?
> and won't the online FAQ change as the cvs book keeps changing ?

Yes, but only as questions on the list change. The FAQ is not, or
should not be, a companion to the book. It is to save time for those
who would ask or answer questions on the lists.

Besides, if a printed copy is that old they shouldn't be using it.

> i think the best would have been to put both.. the FAQ the link and maybe
> the irc link into the book .. so it would be up to the user to decide .

The smart user would always decide to check the web so where is the
value in giving them a useless choice?

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