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Tue Apr 8 19:20:35 PDT 2003

> On April 8, 2003 03:49 pm, conathan at wrote:
>> and, the book is almost an exact replica of LFS CVS?  [I'm still
>> curious what the rereading value is then]
> The value? Well, for one you'll be supporting LFS. All money that I make
> off  this venture will be put back into LFS, most notably covering costs
> of  colocation if it comes to that.
> The other value is that it's more expensive for you to download the
> book,  print it out and get it professionally bounded. You'll probably
> be paying  more than $10 USD to get that done. Printing HTML also
> doesn't give you the  same quality look&feel as when you'd buy a printed
> version.
> And if that all doesn't work, then just because it's cool to have a
> printed  book ;)

Just wondering if you added more to do with configuration, and usage of
certain programs.  [I know you got some descriptions in online book]. 
Sort of a reference guide.

It would be neat having a LFS 4.1 book, but for me, it's just one of the
book that'll probably collect dust on the shelf when I'm done.  [and I'm
the kind of guy that likes to always look through these kinds of books to
learn more].

then again, I'm not a publisher...  maybe it's just not the kind of book
for me.

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