-O3 optimization

Rodolfo Lima rodolfo at rodsoft.org
Wed Apr 9 07:09:35 PDT 2003

I just want to be on the safe side. If I use -O3 and then, one day, I have
any kind of problem running a program, I just want to be "sure" that it
isn't related to optimization. Of course I cannot be 100% sure of anything,
but I don't want to let that little voice inside my head say "they warned
you... it might be that -O3...", you know :) And, finally, it's my first
LFS, let's do it right at least once, then we fiddle ( i hope i got this
verb right...) with optimization and other switches. I just wanted to know
how is the status of this "-O3 taboo" nowadays, that's why i started this

Thanks anyway and one day i'll try to customize my lfs, this time "knowing"
exactly what i'm doing.


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