Updated buildscripts (2.2.7)

Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au
Wed Apr 9 23:01:05 PDT 2003

Erik-Jan Post wrote:
> I had a problem with the sed: at the time this is done, the sed uses
> /bin/sed on the original host. Unfortunately, my host's sed-3.02 can't
> cope with the \n in the first script. It just takes away the \, puts in
> the 'n' and with that screws up the LDFLAGS-declaration.
> I've found a solution to this, using the not much used /i command. It
> really looks ugly, because my hosts version of sed only allows a '\'
> behind the /i. But hey, it works :)) And a good thing: it also works
> with sed-4.0.5, so i guess all versions between 3.02 and 4.0.5 will work
> too...
> Once again, patch attached.

/me slaps head ;-/

Will fix next update, thanks Erik

BTW for those who love to get their source stright from alpha.gnu.org, dont
bother with flex-2.5.31 for the moment, seems to break HJL binutils chapter
6 (havent tried with FSF...)


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