Okay let's get down to business again

Joachim Schmeling schmeling at tiscali.dk
Thu Apr 10 14:00:53 PDT 2003

> Id like to thank Dean Benson and Timothy Bauscher for donating a few
> months back, had they not done that.. I doubt quasar would still be online
> right now.  Also, recently Philippe Trottier and Joachim Schmeling have
> contributed which is also making a difference.  All these guys have gone
> out of their way to help me keep LFS online.  They deserve a good pat on
> the back :-)
> (Heh.. I do still owe my sister a full months bill though, boo :-)
> It's actually funny.. I never would have though we could have gotten away
> with such a low bandwidth usage.  When we were hosted with VA, we were
> sooo spoiled.  We were eating ~0.5TB/month, and have gone down to about
> 50GB/month.  Just goes to show you, how much of that was dedicated to just
> serving files via FTP/HTTP for the LFS packages.  We only eat about
> ~150kbps/sec, which is really not that much, but it still does add up!
> Anyways, just wanted to give a plug to those that have donated to me
> personally to help out with quasar.  GG #LFS Regulars.
lfs and community should imo be keept alive and evolve..it's a great
resource to get to know linux better.

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