plfs + powerpc

Florian Engelhardt f.engelhardt at
Thu Apr 10 15:47:48 PDT 2003

On Thursday, April 10, 2003, at 11:51  PM, Edward Pinski wrote:

> I don't care WHAT is in so and so's buildscripts, I care about what is 
> in the TEXT.

The authors of the buildscripts are the same as those of the plfs hint.

> why not just add it to the damn TEXT file, rather than just thinking 
> everybody uses the
> buildscripts.

Tell Ryan and Greg, not me.

> So maybe you shouldn't just say it's already implemented somewhere
> when it isn't implemented where it should be.

Who decides "where it should be"? Fact is that the buildscripts are 
much more up-to-date (especially concerning ppc builds) than the hint.

>  Now go back to wherever you came, and learn how to read the TEXT

Same to you. The hint clearly states that "at this point in time the 
scripts are a bit further advanced than this document and do not match 
it exactly." All I wanted to tell you is that Ryan is aware of the 
changes needed for ppc builds (because I submitted patches to him), and 
that they will probably be merged into the hint sooner or later.

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