Problems with long usernames

Donald Smith dss-lfs at
Fri Apr 11 22:17:24 PDT 2003

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> On Friday 11 April 2003 20:40, Archaic wrote:
>>[tty2 root 09:33am ~] useradd -m supercalfragilisticexpealadocious
>>useradd: invalid user name 'supercalfragilisticexpealadocious'
>>[tty2 root 09:34am ~] useradd -m supercalfragilisticexpealadociou
>>                                 123456879012345678901234568790123
>>[tty2 root 09:35am ~] ls -la /home/supercalfragilisticexpealadociou/
>>total 8.0k
>>drwxr-xr-x    2 supercal localusr     4.0k Apr 11 09:34 .
>>drwxr-xr-x    4 root     root         4.0k Apr 11 09:34 ..
>>The only deviation from the book is adding MD5 support,
> which has nothing to do with utmp/utmpx.
> Thanks, now I see that your shadow is configured correctly. Accurding to the 
> source, useradd refuses to create a user if his name won't fit in the 
> corresponding field in the utmpx (not utmp) structure (32 bytes).
> Another question. RedHat's 'top' command prints numeric IDs for usernames 
> longer than 8 characters instead of truncating them as our 'top' does. Is 
> that achieved with some package's configuration option or a patch?

Just wondering by why on earth do you need such long user names? I'd not 
be happy typing in so much just to long on. The way I type, it would 
take me half an hour! ;-)

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