Problems with long usernames

Alexander E. Patrakov semzx at
Sat Apr 12 02:29:51 PDT 2003

On Saturday 12 April 2003 11:17, Donald Smith wrote:
> > Another question. RedHat's 'top' command prints numeric IDs for usernames
> > longer than 8 characters instead of truncating them as our 'top' does. Is
> > that achieved with some package's configuration option or a patch?
> Just wondering by why on earth do you need such long user names? I'd not
> be happy typing in so much just to long on. The way I type, it would
> take me half an hour! ;-)

In the classroom, there are twins (and worse, just different people 
with the same surname and not knowing each other) in the study groups. So we 
can't just use surname as login. We use logins of the form 
"Surname.Firstname". This is convenient enough both for students and 
administrators (they have less chances to change by mistake the password 
forgotten by wrong person). And of course it is shorter than 
".patrakov.f5mag.physics.usu" (NetWare)!

But my question about top is sitll not answered. Does your 'top' truncate long 
usernames (as my 'top' does) or display numeric IDs instead of them (as 
RedHat's)? In other words, is my 'top' program misconfigured?

Alexander E. Patrakov

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