Printed book status

Anderson Lizardo lizardo at
Sat Apr 12 15:33:48 PDT 2003

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> Things are moving along nicely. Pre-orders for the LFS-4.1 printed
> book can be placed now. The book is expected to ship around April
> 28th.
> We've come up with a hopefully nice offer for you guys: 50% off if
> you read this email (see below for the procedure).

I noticed that the description from CheapBytes don't have the Linux From 
Scratch URL, so someone that just visited the CB site and have the 
first contact with LFS there will not know *directly* where to obtain 
more information about project (Okay, there's Google, but it's not a 
good publishing strategy anyway).

BTW, I'm very interested in the printed book. But the things are not so 
good here in Brazil, so It's *very* expensive to buy something in 
dollars by currency conversion. But I have, here with me, some dollars 
that I could use to buy the book. So, someone could help me by saying 
what's the best way to buy something, with dollars in hand? I don't 
have International Credit Card.

PS: I'd like to have the nice offer too ;-).

Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at

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