Updated buildscripts (2.2.7)

Matthew Burgess ca9mbu at hermes.sunderland.ac.uk
Sun Apr 13 01:45:06 PDT 2003

On Sun, 13 Apr 2003 06:24:23 +0000 (UTC)
Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au wrote:

> Matthew Burgess wrote:
> > I've not got around to RTFM for patch so you'll have to make do with
> > my ramblings for now :)
> :-) Just run a diff -uNr between the 2, redirect to an outfile

Maybe it'd be safer to leave the patches out until both myself and
everyone else is more confident in my reports, but thanks for the "patch
101" anyway :)

> > 3. Lines 1616-1617 read:
> > cd /stage1/bin
> > ln -s /stage1/bin/bash /stage1/bin/sh
> > Couldn't that just be simplified to "ln -s bash /stage1/bin/sh"?
> hehehe yeah, it could... or we could drop the cd ...

Erm, yeah I thought dropping the cd was a given? We'd basically be
emulating the second of the commands at

> > The only issue I've got
> > with using knoppix is that being a CD based distro, /etc gets mounted
> > ro,
> which
> > means that running `ldconfig` (for bzip2 & ncurses) spews out an error
> > concerning not being able to write to /etc/ld.so.conf.
> Hmmm, sounds like PATH might have been set incorrectly (was this from
> the script? )

No it wasn't from the script, and there's the problem.  I have been
using both the hint and the script itself to make my own scripts up
from (in a bid to actually learn something rather than just have a
ready-made plfs system).  I've now just found where PATH gets amended
in the scripts (at the end of binutils-pass2) but looking at the hint it
makes no mention of having to explicitly add /stage1/sbin to the PATH (it
only adds /stage1/bin).  Now here's a question - can this be set in  the
profile, or does ldconfig get run during the initial toolchain build
behind the scenes (i.e. without me explicitly calling it)?  I don't want
to change it too early if it's gonna cause problems, but then I thought
there was an issue with parent shell-scripts not being able to see changes
to the environment that were made by child scripts (which is how my
current scripts are structured), thus amending path at the end of my
binutils-pass2 script will have no affect on the rest of the build.

As you'll notice I've not been using (i.e. running) your buildscripts,
other than to base my own scripts off.  This way I've picked up a lot
about the hows and why's of PLFS but at the expense of much time wasted
tracking down random typos that crept in which led to a complete rebuild
from scratch...and boy haven't build times increased - even my Athlon XP
1700 is having hard times getting chapter 5 done in under 2.5 hours!

One other thought - when someone get's around to updating the hint could
they sync up the use of patches and seds (I'm thinking of ncurses here in
particular), and the commands for building perl (in chap. 5) are different
between the two as well (I used the buildscripts method to be on the safe

Thanks for your help Ryan,

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