Updated buildscripts (v2.2.8)

Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au
Mon Apr 14 19:15:46 PDT 2003

Greetings again all,

Another update, only really ch5 script changes.

You guys may want modify the coreutils test section if you aren't running
the scripts as root, it now runs the non-root tests as user "nobody".
Apologies to all for this, but I haven't come up with a clean automated way
of doing this as a non-root user :-/

Changes have also been made during the gcc header edits to make it work
with alpha ( thanks Joachim ;-) ) which requires an edit of linux-elf.h.
Seds are a little more streamlined and should also fix the linux-elf.h
header properly on arm (not that I've heard of anyone using these scripts
on arm)

Anyway, changelog follows...
Whoever supplied the cursesw.cc vsscanf patch please contact me so you can
be attributed

As always Patches/abuse/comments/changes/hardware ;-) always accepted

2003-04-14 - Change version number to 2.2.8
           - Move sort symlink to ${LFS}/usr/bin
           - fix sed edit of zlib makefile to cater for
             sed versions < 4.05
             (earlier versions do not handle embedded \n as newline)
             Erik-Jan Post <ej.lfs at xs4all.nl>

           - linux-elf.h gcc config header requires editing for
             dynamic linker location on alpha targets
             Joachim Schmeling <schmeling at tiscali.dk>
           - add linux-elf.h header to list of gcc config headers
             and modify gcc seds to nicely cater for the
             ( Should by rights now also work with arm)

           - Run non-root as well as root tests for coreutils
             Non-root tests are run as "nobody". Also a temporary
             group "plfstest" is created and nobody added to it
             for the chgrp tests
2003-04-08 - Fix c'n'p brainfart with double copy of mount and
             umount during util-linux build
             Matt Bartley <mbartley at exair.org>
           - Add sed to mimic the ncurses cursesw vsscanf patch
             (unsure who provided the original patch, please contact
              the authors so we can attribute you correctly)
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