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Richard A Downing geek109 at
Fri Apr 18 08:40:09 PDT 2003

I posted to LFS Hints on this, but I think this list might be a better
place, apologies if this seems like crossposting.

I plan to rewrite Nic Dille's now unmaintained hint on cross-compiling.  I
use the technigues he described to maintain my 486 and 586 boxes.  I have
Nic's permission to take over maintenance, but I think it needs a complete

1) It doesn't cover proper cross-compilation, eg: building for sparc/powerPC
on Intel, although the CFLAGS techniques are pertinent.  Although I know
little about this now, I used to do it professionally long ago, so I'd
really like to create a repository for this information.  (I'd also like
someone to donate me their old Cray or Massively Parallel Supercomputer, so
I can test it all out, but I'm not holding my breath)

2) The uname hacks come after the CFLAGS hacks, and the uname hacks are
better and more reliable for ix86 steppings.

3) There is nothing about maintaining a system once LFS is on it.  Try
recompiling the kernel on a working 486/33 firewall and you'll see my

4) I like more explanation in a hint like this which can't cover the ground
fully, so that the reader can see ideas on how to proceed, even if we can't
give step-by-step instructions.

Now, I'm not the 'fount of any wisdom' on this, so I'll need a lot of help. 
I propose to do it in this fashion:

a) Write a 'strawman' and put it up on the web.  Invite comment from here. 
I plan to write in html (Mozilla Composer), 'cos it lets me express and
maintain links easily.  Here it is:

b) Snapshot a text file from that when it seems right, and publish that as a
c) Maintain the web-based doc as the master - ideally I'd prefer a wiki, but
I don't have the technology for that today.  Take snapshots as hints
whenever appropriate.

This is a 'labour of love' for me, I just hate seeing all those great old
systems of last week being binned for the latest shiny Giga-whatsit.

I'm also going to put my other hints into the same mode, 'cos I keep getting
non-LFSers using them, in fact I think more non-lfsers use my CDRW-UDF and
Xmail hints than we do.

Comments, input?  Rude remarks even?

Richard A Downing FBCS.

(yes, I have a new email address for usenet posting - this one
<geek109 at> can be deleted when the spam gets too bad.)
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