Another package requires mktemp: glibc

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Fri Apr 18 15:59:20 PDT 2003

On Fri, 18 Apr 2003 22:34:42 +0000 (UTC)
jsmaby at (James Smaby) wrote:

> Or you could take my rewritten version, and do whatever you like
> with it (heck, even put in a comment on top suggesting that
> the person who programmed it is a silly imbicile).

Can someone remind me why the version at was
ruled out (the archives aren't giving me much joy here) - it's still being
maintained so would prevent us from having to do any distro-esque
maintenance of our own, and if we find any problems with it at least we
know the maintainer's still around to consider fixes/bug reports.  As far
as tempfile is concerned I haven't the foggiest about this but I'd imagine
that it performs the same functionality of mktemp so a shell-script
wrapper *may* be possible, hence only adding one package to the

Last time I asked a similar question
tml), Zack replied that there were three reasons a) debian-utils is a
single package offering both bits of software, so there's essentially only
1 package to install b) The debian-utils version of mktemp is "better"
than that of's and c) Gerard said to do this.  As far as "a"
goes - if a shell script wrapper can be done then we're down to one
version again but using the official version.  As far as "b" goes I've
attached a patch showing the differences between the 2 - I've not analysed
this myself but thought I'd provide it to the list for those that have the
time, inclination and knowledge to provide comments on it.  The diff
was done between debianutils-1.16 and mktemp-1.5.  Now, not wishing to
speak on behalf of Gerard or otherwise step out of line but I had a
feeling that the last time this discussion came up he was rather busy
either moving house or writing some book or other :) and therefore may not
have been in one of his more judgemental frames of mind.


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