Updated buildscripts (v2.2.8)

Bill's LFS Login lfsbill at wlmcs.com
Sat Apr 19 23:38:04 PDT 2003

Hola Ryan!

I've got the bit in my teeth here, so "perfection is acceptable". :)

For the chapter 5 coreutils, "make -k check-root" I've managed to get
all to pass when running as root. I'm running the 5.0 coreutils, but it
appears to be the same as the previous version in this area.

I'm not doing a patch here because I'm in the middle of testing a step
at a time and don't want to patch until I've something near final. But I
thought I would pass these on.

First, added the CANDIDATE_TMP_DIRS line and the symlinks for
true/false. The first allows a test that was being skipped to run and
the symlinks eliminate some aggravating messages in the log. The
CANDID... needed only if the usual places are not separate partitions
(/tmp, /var/tmp and /usr/tmp *IIRC*).

   # If we are using coreutils, dont install fileutils
   test Y = "${USE_COREUTILS}" &&
      # Some coreutils tests need a separate partition: 2003-04-17
      # adjust to your config
      export CANDIDATE_TMP_DIRS=$LFS/Golfs/tmp

      #### Add true/false links to eliminate a couple messages 2003-04-17
      #### in make check. Really only has effect in the initial chroot
      #### environment.
      ln -sf /stage1/bin/true $LFS/bin/true
      ln -sf /stage1/bin/false $LFS/bin/false

      ### COREUTILS ###
      cd ${SRC}

Second, the fail-2eperm tests were *not* fixed by the EJ changes when
running make -k check-root in chapter 5. The following fixes this so all
tests pass now. Patch would be better, IMHO. I've added 3 leading spaces
for readability here - remove 'em if you decide to use this.

      min_log_init ${TESTLOGS} &&
      echo -e "\n Root Tests \n------------" >> ${LOGFILE} &&

      #### Fix fail-2eperm test so it will test properly 2003-04-17
      test -f tests/rm/fail-2eperm-ORIG ||
         cp -a tests/rm/fail-2eperm tests/rm/fail-2eperm-ORIG
      sed -e '/su -c /s//su - -c /' \
          -e "s/\(su - -c \)'\(rm -rf a\)'/TD=\$PWD;\1\"cd \$TD;\2\"/" \
          -e "/rm: cannot remove \`a\/b': Operation not
   permitted/s/remove/unlink/" \
          -e "/rm: cannot unlink \`a\/b': Operation not permitted/a\
   rm: cannot remove directory \`a': Directory not empty" \
         tests/rm/fail-2eperm-ORIG > tests/rm/fail-2eperm

      make -k check-root \
         >>  ${LOGFILE} 2>&1 &&

Hope this is useful. I'm on to the next one now.


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