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Michael A. Peters mpeters at
Sun Apr 20 03:33:14 PDT 2003

I don't mean to "wake the dead" but back when I first did LFS, it used
the debian start-stop daemon.

I'm curious as to the reason it no longer does.

I have a problem with the loadproc() function that uses getpids() which
uses pidof. The man page for pidof says that the start-stop daemon
should be used in init scripts if available opposed to pidof.

I definitely have a problem with the lfs implementation - any script
that starts a daemon with the same name as the init script will have a
problem if it uses loadproc() to start the daemon.

The problem isn't with normal booting, but if when booted, you stop the
service (for example to apply a security patch to the source and
reinstall it) and then you try to manually restart it. The problem is
that getpids() sees the init script itself and reports that it is
already running.

I though that perhaps using the full path with loadproc() would solve
the issue. It doesn't. So - I'm curious as to what the reason is that
the (imho better) debian start-stop daemon is no longer used. Especially
when the man page for pidof recommends against it use in init scripts.

Michael A. Peters <mpeters at>

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