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Ronald Hummelink ronald at
Tue Apr 22 03:53:29 PDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-04-22 at 05:49, Michael A. Peters wrote:

> Anyway - my statusproc() function is attached.
> This with the Debian start-stop-daemon eliminates dependency upon a
> particular version of pidof. So if you guys want it, here it is.

   FULLPATH="`/usr/bin/which $2 2> /dev/null`"
        if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
                echo "I do not know about $2. It is not in my path."
                echo "My path is $PATH"
                exit 1

1) this adds a dependency on the which binary/hack/... which is not part
of base-lfs
2) this depends on the binary being in the path, which is not at all
sure (why should I have some services in the path at all?)

 # Depends upon a compliant daemon with pid file where it is SUPPOSE to
be - /var/run
       # Daemons that have their PID file elsewhere are incorrect.

3) Too bad the daemon is incorrect. Your script fails miserably on this.
Should the script demand things that are simply not happening in the
real world (tm) ?

I don;t think this should replace the current statusproc function in
this form.

My 2 cents,


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