PLFS coreutils checks (was Re: Updated buildscripts (v2.2.8))

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Tue Apr 22 16:43:51 PDT 2003

On Wed, 23 Apr 2003, Erik-Jan wrote:

> Ryan.Oliver at wrote:
> >
> > Bill Maltby wrote:
> > > Although set +h has no nasty effect <snip>

> > Firstly the new scripts (which BTW will be 2.3.0, version info is being
> > split from the init script) create a temporary plfstest user (group users,
> > also added to temporary group plfstest) with no home directory ( -M in
> > useradd, same as erik's, but so far has no check to see if the user already
> > exists or not )
> nice
> > What it seems we need to rectify is (for everybody)
> > a) the permissions issue for non-root user running tests.
> >    I haven't had an issue but it seems you and erik have, so it needs
> > fixing.

I fixed this by doing a

  find -type d -exec chmod o+x {} \;

before the test and then reset it after the test. Seemed to work, but I
need to see if the chmod -R can go away.

> >    a chmod -R o+wx tests would do it... (IIRC that had to be done anyway
> >    on earlier versions of coreutils)
> I will start a new build tonight...
> > b) proper evaluation of the non-root user having a valid shell during the
> See my answer to your own answer to this mail: find a user with a valid
> shell, but run the rm-test with --shell=/bin/sh

I *suspect* this is not needed if the su parameters are rearranged. Will
be able to test later tonight, I think.

> > c) <snip>  The CANDIDATE_TMP_DIRS stuff <snip>
> What I've done (but it's also a bit hackey, and I'm not too sure about
> it, I incidentally removed my logs, will check later): export
> CANDIDATE_PARTITION = /dev/hda7 in build-init. Then after cd-ing in the
> coreutils-dir:
> mkdir temp &&
> chown plfstest:plfstest temp &&
> mount $CANDIDATE_PARTITION temp &&
> export CANDIDATE_TMP_DIRS=`pwd`/temp
> It should test if $CANDIDATE_PARTITION is set...
> > Anyway, discussion is open on this one, ideas people?
> >
> > Regards
> > Ryan
> I'm firing up a new build in a few moments, so tomorrow I'll have some
> results.

My latest is at gcc-initial and will stop after gawk. Then I'll do CLI
stuff and this time I'm being *quite* structured (as if I was working
again) and saving logs for each test. Will probably take through
tomorrow to test the combos.

> Bye
> Erik-Jan

BTW, I *think* I had a version that worked pretty good with "nobody". If
I can recall the scenario, I'll try to test that too.

Bill Maltby
lfsbill at

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