compiling pure lfs on sparc

Juan York juan at
Wed Apr 23 16:16:33 PDT 2003

Hey guys i'm attempting to compile pure lfs on sparc platform without any
luck at all.

The box is a sun netra x1 with sparc woody debian installed on it.

chapter5 binutils installs fine
chapter5 gcc fails with this error

../../gcc-3.2.2/libiberty/strerror.c:466: conflicting types for
/usr/include/stdio.h:552: previous declaration of `sys_errlist'
make[1]: *** [strerror.o] Error 1
make: *** [all-libiberty] Error 2

in gcc-3.2.2/libiberty/strerror.c

static int sys_nerr
static const char **sys_errlist;

in /usr/include/stdio.h

#ifdef __USE_BSD
extern int sys_nerr;
extern __const char *__const _sys_errlist[];

Any help would be appreciated

I used the configure and make strings from the pure lfs hint.


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