compiling pure lfs on sparc

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Wed Apr 23 20:41:39 PDT 2003

Juan York wrote:

> yeah I  tracked down this problem, unfortunately all the binutils on the
> box are 64 bit, so I cannot create one in 32 bit mode.

don't suppose then that giving gcc the CFLAGS="-m64" option helps? Should
build things 64 bit (mind you haven't attempted 64 bit linux builds, but
works on solaris)

> I think I'm starting to get a grip on this dual architecture thing now.
> Unfortunately I think it will make my job much more complicated since it
> looks like i'm going to need two seperate versions of gcc/binutils one
> 32 bit mode and one for 64bit mode.

Hmmm, not to sure...

Generally though you can pass -m64 or -m32 to gcc to build 64 or 32 bit.
I'm not too sure how these affect the assembler and linker though
(haven't really looked into gnu assembler and linker in a 64 bit
 on solaris 64 bit we use the sun supplied assembler and linker and pass
 -xarch=v9a to link 64 bit, so theres probably a similar option in gnu)

The dynamic linker used should also match, ie for 64 bit it should use
/lib64/ and for 32 bit /lib/, so you may wanna
check linker scripts and the specfile...

HTH, will have a brief look into it for you...
Funnily enough at the moment I have 3 sunfire v120's on my desk (noisy
little buggers), I'll see if the powers that be will let me have one to
play with linux on (not likely but hey, you never know ;-) )

Best Regards

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