PLFS 2.8 beginner problem.

tchiwam tchiwam at
Thu Apr 24 08:56:30 PDT 2003

> > you cant use gcc-2.95.3 to build glibc 2.3.x
> >
> > You did build binutils and gcc-3.2.x first didn't you?
> > And did you change your path to put /stage1/bin and /stage/sbin first?
> They're probably referring to your scripts. For some odd reason, when
> using your instructions to install gcc 2.95.3, nothing actually get
> suffixed with -2.95.3. The default gcc gets overwritten. At least that's
> what happened to me and seems to have happened to this guy. And yes,
> before you ask, I checked 3 times over that I specified
> --program-suffix="-2.95.3". What's the deal man?

Haven't done the PLFS as is but I tought I read --prefix= was changed ??


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