Missing swap instructions in Book 4.0

Jeroen Geilman jeroen at adaptr.nl
Thu Apr 24 13:12:08 PDT 2003

Dear maintainers,

I've quite succesfully installed a brand-spanking new LFS 4.0 these past 3
days (and nights...), starting from a solid slackware 8.0 installation.

I followed (almost) all instructions as faithfully as possible, and when I
rebooted the host system, YES! It came up running the very first time !

BUT (and yes I know - people will already be screaming "What does this have
to do with the subject !", so here it comes ;) when rattling through the
various init scripts it gave me a glaring red error about being unable to
use the swap partition I had entered into /etc/fstab - claiming there was no
swap ! There could not be swap ! There will never be swap!  (sorry...)

Okay, 5 seconds of hard thinking later I thought: wait a minute, I never
read any instructions about actually MAKING a swap partition anywhere in the
Book (4.0).

Which, obviously, is what was missing - I had to run 'mkswap' on the
partition I set aside for this, in order to be able to use it as swap...

I thought this was an admittedly very small yet glaring oversight, so I
double-checked the chapter about preparing your partition(s) (chapter 4), in
fact scrutinised it inch by inch, but alas - no mention anywhere of running
#mkswap /dev/xxxx for a _new_ swap partition. There are instructions for an
already existing swap partition, but what if I put the whole LFS on a new
disk and plan to remove it and use it as a standalone on another system ? A
simple and basic extra 3 lines on how to actually *make* that swap partition
were sorely missed...
Yes *I* can figure it out for myself... but I'm not mailing this to myself
you know.

Phew - went far too long here...

Oh BTW - I'm not on this list, and don't plan to be - it's a virtually
perfect book !

Onwards to the Beyond !



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