Pure Lfs - my user check tests results.

Erik-Jan ej.lfs at xs4all.nl
Thu Apr 24 15:40:18 PDT 2003

Bill's LFS Login wrote:
<some things about usertest>

Hi Bill,

In ch6, running the tests as plfstest, I had one more usertest skipped: 
fail-eperm: couldn't find a file not owned by you
 in any of the following directories:
  /tmp /var/tmp /usr/tmp
...so, skipping this test
SKIP: fail-eperm

Nice to have such a clean system, even all the tmps were empty... doing
"touch /tmp/coreutils.tst" as root before the usertests solved this one
as well.

Another issue: the CANDIDATE_TMP_DIRS. This should point to a dir on a
different partition in which the user (plfstest in this case) has rights
to write files. Did the following, and it worked unchanged in both ch5 &
ch6 (but still feels a bit hackey...)
In build-init I export CANDIDATE_PARTITION=/dev/hda7
Then, after config & make: (snipping all the logging-stuff and &&'s)
  mkdir -p temp
  mkdir -p temp/test 
  chown plfstest:plfstest temp/test
Then make check root-tests:
  make CANDIDATE_TMP_DIRS="`pwd`/temp/test" check-root
Then make check user-tests (long line, the "env .... make check" should
all be on one line)
  su plfstest -c \
 "env RUN_EXPENSIVE_TESTS=yes CANDIDATE_TMP_DIRS=`pwd`/temp/test make

after the tests I cleanup with   
  rm -rf temp/test
  umount temp 

It's a little bit different from the one I proposed earlier, it makes a
dedicated dir temp/test to do the tests in, instead of using the topdir
of the mounted partition. Is better when the permissions are set.

Bye again,
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