GCC 3.2.3 advice on upgrades please

Richard A Downing geek109 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Apr 25 01:05:30 PDT 2003

I've spent a lot of time and effort getting my Pure-Lfs working. I built it
using GCC 3.2.2 and Glibc 2.3.1, and Binutils-  My kernel
2.4.20,and nvidia and alsa modules etc. is built with GCC-2.95.3.
I don't really NEED to screw about with it, and it is running well on all my
boxes (486,586 and 686).

Now, out comes GCC 3.2.3, which is just a bug fix.  So can I just build it
as a replacement (overwrite) for gcc 3.2.2?

I realise that if there was an ABI change, a la 3.1 - 3.2, I would be making
troubles, but this one just looks like GCC 3.2.2 with some bugs fixed.

I might just be being paranoid (or even confusing GCC and GLIBC from
something wot I read...).  The GCC website is devoid of obvious advice on


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