install-no-fixedincludes again..

zigman2k michael at
Sat Apr 26 18:44:45 PDT 2003

this is from the script,
its also included in the plfs text

# Following mimics the nofixincludes patch
# Also avoid debug symbols in gcc
grep -Ev '(README| ./ )' | \

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On 26.04.2003 at 19:33 Gerard Beekmans wrote:

>On February 26, 2003 04:34 am, Greg Schafer wrote:
>> Whilst working on the pure_lfs hint, Ryan and myself have come to the
>> conclusion that the current "install-no-fixedincludes" Makefile target
>> doesn't cut the mustard..
>I'm taking the lazy way out: I'm going to ask the following question
>checking the current pure-lfs.txt file, so go ahead and flame me, but only 
>after you give me an answer ;)
>Has this patch been included in PLFS now so I don't have to worry about 
>putting it into Bugzilla.
>Gerard Beekmans
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