DHCP Daemon/init.d scripts

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Tue Apr 29 01:09:27 PDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-04-28 at 20:06, Larry Lawrence wrote:

> Your assumption is correct. Maybe someday we will find the best solution.
> The most common solution is to mv K80network to K49network.  This is not a
> good solution if you mount network drives.

I moved the  kills to

I did not see any reason to have those run before ANY of my normal init
scripts bring down their daemons.

That works very well. It also would have a problem with mounting of
networks drives - but the best way to solve that would be to have an
init that brings down the network drives separate from mountfs.

If you ever need to switch to run level 1 or 2 - network volumes are not
suppose to be mounted in 1 or 2 - network filesystems should be both
mounted and unmounted separately from the local filesystems.

You want to be able to send init to run level 1 or 2 and have those
unmounted automagicly WITHOUT un mounting the local file systems, and
you want to be able to then re-enter 3 or 5 and have them remounted
automagically without needing to remount all the local file systems.

I guess what I'm saying is that the mountfs init really should only
pertain to local file systems (ESPECIALLY if your nfs support is
modular) and that nfs file systems should be handled with it's own init
script (that starts in 3,4,5 and goes down in 0,1,2,6)

Thus - the mountfs script might need to have a bug report filed against
it (assuming it currently handled nfs - I don't know, I don't mount any
nfs with LFS) with the LFS devel people and BLFS should have an NFS
section added with an NFS init script for those who need to use it.

I also think that LFS needs to move the sendsignals, mounts, swap into
the K90+ range for the kills. That's what I do - then any daemon I add,
I just make sure it gets killed before the K90's and I'm fine.

This message has been cc'd to lfs-devel so that they (optionally, if
they feel like it ;) can discuss whether or not mountfs needs to be
changed to only deal with local file systems, and whether or not the
mentioned kills should be moved back (I've had no adverse affects to
moving them into the 90's on my system).

Michael A. Peters <mpeters at mac.com>

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