Update to current packages or PLFS first?

Thien Vu thien_vu at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 29 22:55:34 PDT 2003

> As far as I can see we have two options to get development started again:
> 1) Begin with updating to all the latest packages, or
> 2) Integrating the pure-lfs.txt hint, or
> pure-lfs is based on newer packages for some of the instructions, so if we
> went the pure-lfs route, it would mean we update only partly to the latest
> packages (at first) followed by the rest later.

Let's do this and get a stable environment up, because in the end, we'll
have to upgrade the packages anyway. Also this (hopefully) will get more
testing of PLFS in more environments. I know that I've been lazy to go
through PLFS because I hate having to flip back and forth through the book
and the hint.

> On a totally different note, Greg let me know he'll be away for a week or
> and I thought it would be only fair if he were here when the change-over
> happened. Maybe he doesn't care for that, but it only seems right since he
> a large part of the pure-lfs effort (yes, you are too Ryan ;)

Not a bad idea for everyone to take a week break. New book coming out, 4.1
released, BLFS 1.0 release, etc etc..

> The week and a halve that Greg's going to be away would give us all the
> we need to update to all the latest packages and test the new patches that
> come with some of the packages. Then there'll be less to test with the
> to pure-lfs itself which is a large undertaking all by itself without
> to update and test new packages alongside of it.

When the switchover to PLFS does occur, won't there be testing in any case?
Although LFS has always tried to keep with the most current package it was
never a requirement (older LILO --> nasm not required decision), so this
shouldn't change with PLFS either.

> So that's my preference. Packages first, pure-lfs immediately afterwards.
> anybody disagrees, speak up (or forever hold your peace).

My 2 cents.

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