How will pure-lfs be integrated?

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed Apr 30 14:06:02 PDT 2003

Let me answer that question before it's asked (again).

I just read the latest version on and it is my 
opinion we should include pretty much all the text into the LFS book. We 
could just stick with the commands and a few lines of explanation here and 
there and in the process loose a lot of educational background information.

As to the format there are a few options.

All the explanatory text that's general in nature can be put in chapter 2, or 
at the start of chapter 5 before any packages are installed. The specific 
installation instructions explantions can be added at the bottom of such 

There are some pieces of text that go like "Now that x has been installed, 
..." and a long explanation of something follows. They are best kept in that 
chronological order, which makes me think we shouldn't put anything in 
chapter 2, or stuff it at the beginning of chapter 5, but simply follow the 
already existing flow of installation and explaining as currently exist in 

This will even help attain another LFS goal: become less like a glorified 
shell script and more like the education it's supposed to be.

As far as shortcuts go: I don't think we need to take those into account. I 
prefer the method without shortcuts myself.

Tomorrow after work I will start an LFS build using the PLFS method with all 
the current package versions (whatever will be current as of tomorrow 
afternoon). I'll be modifying the XML locally as I go (which I expect might 
take several hours to complete all the testing) and commit everything in one 
big commit when I'm done. This will help keep CVS in working order.

So by tomorrow night CVS will be brand new again and you guys can do your own 
testing and report all the bugs I will undoubtedly put into it.

Gerard Beekmans

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