Bootloaders (Was: Move to Grub)

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Sat Feb 1 06:44:08 PST 2003

On Sat, 1 Feb 2003, Oliver Brakmann wrote:

> On Thu, 2003-01-30 18:21, Ken Moffat wrote...
> > Given that Gerard wants to go to grub, maybe we could have some comments
> > on the grub page along the lines of
> >
> >  (i) on some architectures you *need* different bootloaders - links to
> > BLFS (hopefully), or to any hints.

Yes, that is all that is needed, IMO.

> >
> > and
> >
> >  (ii) a note that some people prefer other bootloaders even on x86, with
> > a link to hint(s) for lilo and any other alternatives.

I think only a reference to BLFS (if it includes them) or a '... use
google...' phrase is needed.

> >
> >  Plus the small matter of people writing BLFS pages or hints.
> While this is my favourite for the online book version, it doesn't do
> very well for the published book. I guess people would expect to build
> a complete bootable system using the (paper form) book without having
> to look up the booloader stuff in BLFS or the hints.

As much as I like to have everything I ever wanted to know about every-
thing in the universe (*exagerating*) in one book, I think LFS could or
should list only one loader, tell how to install it and be done with it.
As with the disclaimer about non-x86 architectures, a similar disclaimer
for boot loaders could be added if it is felt useful.

All other boot loaders can be adequately addressed in BLFS if they
choose to do that. With its expanded focus, this makes more sense to me.
As an LFSer, I neither expect nor require the book to point me to all
possible options. If it gets me a bootable system on the architecture it
aims at, *points* me to *references* for other architectures if I need
them, and does the same for boot managers for non-x86 architectures, I
think no more is needed.

Maintaining focus is a difficult thing in a non-homogeneous environment.

> Bye,
> Oliver

Bill Maltby
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