combing through chapter five

Alex Groenewoud krisp at
Sun Feb 2 06:05:45 PST 2003

In chapter 5 the section on Setting up the environment contains 
the following:

  The LFS variable has been explained in previous chapters.
  LC_ALL is a variable used for internationalization.
  The LC_ALL variable controls the localization [...]

The second sentence is unneeded and mistaken.
The first sentence is better replaced by "The LFS variable should 
of course be set to the mount point you chose.", as the reader who 
doesn't remember what the LFS variable is about is not helped at all 
by the current unspecific reference.

In the section on Bash <filename> tags are missing around 
"$LFS/static" and "/static" and "bash".  The words "is being phased 
out and" can be dropped.

In the explanation of the Diffutils configure options, "configure" is 
once wrapped in <filename> and another time in <userinput>.

In the Gawk Dependencies the "Last checked against..." is better 
dropped, as it isn't checked yet.

In the explanation of the GCC make options "compiler compiled" 
should read "compiler was compiled".  In the explanation of the 
configure options a closing parenthesis is missing.  And the last 
cc in the last paragraph needs <userinput> tags.

In the last paragraph of the Make section two <userinput> wrappers 
are missing.

"The sh-utils package" should be "The Sh-utils package".  In the 
last paragraph three <filename> wrappers around "su" are missing, 
and "being suid root" should be "suid root".

In the explanation of the Grep configure option "Grep" should be 
"grep" and wrapped in <filename> tags.

In the section on Util-linux the <emphasis> tags around "mount" and 
"umount" should be <filename> tags.

And for the true nitpicking: when explaining configure and make 
options, the colons that strictly speaking are not user input are 
put inside the <userinput> tags.

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