lilo 22.4.1 needs nasm

torsten torsten at
Sun Feb 2 07:21:14 PST 2003

I tried to compile grub with the latest lfs 4.0.

Many compile failures.  It's nasty.  :)


On the 02 Feb 2003 at 15 hours EST
MB wrote...
>"Manfred H. Winter" <mahowi at> wrote in message
>news:bl9j1b-vf1.ln at
>> Hi!
>> I've installed the latest CVS version of LFS (20030129), but I used
>> version 22.4.1 of lilo, which is the latest one. It needs nasm to be
>> installed, which is not in the book.
>> So, for newer versions of lilo, nasm has to be added to the book, or
>> should switch to grub.
>Please check the archives in future.  This has been discussed to death
>numerous times already.  The NASM dependency was the reason behind
>sticking with the same version of LILO, and Gerard has already stated
>that the book will switch to grub some time in the not too distant
>Matthew Burgess.
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